Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

my personal 2015 challenge: send one piece of mail a day

I really like to send mail. The old fashioned way, through the post with a stamp. It's tactile. It often means that I took the time to make something, which I enjoy and don't do enough. It hopefully brightens the recipient's day by adding a surprise to a pile of otherwise mostly junk mail. Sometimes I even drag out the typewriter.

I also really like notecards, postcards and other paper ephemera. So in an effort to clear out some of my stockpile, and brighten someone's day, I'm aiming to send one piece of snail mail everyday in 2015. Some will be more elaborate than others of course, but my overall goal is to guarantee myself a little bit of me time every single day.

So keep watching, I'll post every item I send. (Still unsure if I should post them the day I send them and risk ruining the surprise to the recipient, or post on a bit of a delay.)

Doing anything every day for a year seems daunting.
Wish me luck!